How to pick a show to fall asleep watching

I hate to sound like an expert, but I truly am an expert at picking the perfect Netflix shows to watch before bed. Call if expertise, call it experience, call it what you want, I am a master.

First and foremost, you must pick a show that is going to end happy. Can’t risk unsettling thoughts before bed, ya just can’t.

Next, I recommend googling the show and reading summaries for every episode. No surprises makes watching Netflix very mundane. A mundane, relaxing show will pull you right into sleep land.

Never pick a show with violence and never, ever pick a suspenseful show. Ain’t no one trying to have anxiety before bed. No one.

Lastly, the cheesier the better. It’s best to watch shows with super predictable plots. And while I’m throwing out great tips, a wholesome story line is gold. You can’t have your mind wondering on ya while you’re trying to catch some z’s.

You guys probably think I’m joking, but I challenge you to try it. I can basically guarantee this sleeping method.

Netflixing now,

Blaire πŸ’€


The dreadful dentist

Does anyone else out there dread the dentist? I do this really fun thing where I make an appointment and then cancel it because I simply do not want to go. I know I should go to the dentist and that’s why I make the appointments in the first place, but I just know that I might die if I actually follow through with the appointment… so i cancel it.

Very Blaire of me, I know.

Today, I tricked myself into going to the dentist. When I arrived I sat in the waiting room and wondered why the hell I didn’t cancel the appointment. I considered pretending to have diarrhea and making it known by running out clenching my butt cheeks together, but I figured that would make me look crazier than usual so I decided that I would just go through with the appointment.

Now don’t tell anyone, but it wasn’t too horrible and I did survive. (So far anyway)

I’m definitely canceling next time to be on the safe side.


Blaire 🦷 β™₯️


Work Retreat

I’m going on a work retreat for 3 nights and I’m sure it’s going to be a picture perfect event. HOWEVER, I DO NOT WANT TO GO.

Call it anxiety, call is craziness, call it whatever you want to call it, I do not like spending the night places. I take that back, I HATE spending the night places. It freaks me out. I’m always wondering if something is going to happen to me. Or, I spend my time worrying that something will happen to someone I love while I’m away. It all around sucks for me to go places overnight.

My exception to this rule is simple– send a trusting male with me and I’ll be okay. I trust exactly 2 males to keep me safe. If they can come, I’m down. Unfortunately, neither work for my company. Ugh. (Daddy issues, I know)

Will I survive this work retreat? Stay tuned.

Blaire ❀️


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is the best show I’ve ever watched. It’s ridiculous, unlikely and perfect all at the same time.

But do I want another season? I’ve seen the chatter online about the potential of more seasons and I’m just not emotionally ready for all that. What would it even be about? Will they still play their manipulative games as working, filthy rich adults with kids? Not to mention, the plot will be completely different because we know who Gossip Girl is.

Honestly, why add to something already so perfect? That’s it. I’ve decided. Leave Gossip Girl alone.

Going to binge watch perfection,


Blaire ❀️


Work friends


I don’t have work friends. Don’t get me wrong, I talk to people at work. In fact, I’d say I’m super likable at work. The issue is that I like to keep my personal life & work life separate.

I guess it’s because people meet me and assume a lot about me. I’m super optimistic, happy, and ready to take on problems head on. People automatically assume that I had the perfect upbringing and that I live the perfect life. And, honestly, I like them thinking that.

That being said, I met someone at work that I might actually like enough to be a friend with. Haven’t quite decided yet. Y’all know I’m complicated.

Mucho love.

Blaire β€οΈβ˜€οΈ


Facts about me πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Random facts about me:

1) I only like tight hugs

2) chocolate makes every day better

3) I dislike watching violent movies

4) I admire bilingual people

5) I avoid hostile people

6) going to bed early is my hobby

7) I only like snow because it gets me out of work

8) left turns freak me out

9) I have a fear of being robbed in the morning when I get in my car to go to work

10) I’ll always sleep with my stuffed animals

That’s me πŸ’‹

Blaire πŸ’žπŸ’ž


Does this make me an adult?

The past few days I’ve felt like I’ve been constantly shitted on. No matter how hard I try, no matter how nice I am, someone has something hateful to say. Ya know what, fuck that.

Stop being an asshole to people. Stop making people feel like they don’t matter. Stop talking about people behind their backs. Stop being a jerk, just stop.

I decided I was going to come home from work and drink vodka cranberries– lots of vodka, splash of cranberry.

Here’s where the magic happened… I resisted. Instead of drowning myself in cheap vodka, I had frozen yogurt with chocolate chips. Does this make me an adult? I feel like it does.

Still might turn to the vodka.

Blaire πŸ’›