The freckle that tried to ruin my life

A month or so ago, my husband stated that i had a new freckle. He said it was a bad sign and I should have it checked out right away. I responded, “it’s a freckle, don’t be paranoid.”

To my dismay, the freckle turned black. My husband was quick to tell me that it must be cancer and I was quick to roll my eyes.

My husband was persistent. In fact, I only went to the dermatologist about the freckle because he annoyed me into it. He literally tried to drive me crazy about this freckle. Not to worry, didn’t work. After all, it’s hard to drive a crazy person crazy.

The biopsy results came back that the freckle was severely atypical. That’s sort of how my life always goes. && that’s when it hit me, this little tiny, seemingly insignificant, freckle was trying to ruin my life. WHY ME, FRECKLE? Why.

They cut out the freckle and the surrounding tissue. My husband said it looked like they cut out a piece of chicken and they sewed me back up. Yes, he stood right over the doctor while she operated. Yes, I did opt for the anti-anxiety meds prior to surgery. I didn’t even realize when they started cutting. Yolo.

My stitches come out Thursday. Until then, I’m a couch potato that can’t stop eating Girl Scout cookies.

Fuck atypical freckles❤️



New Year’s Resolution= half complete 🐴💞

I went horseback riding today. Honestly, kinda anticlimactic. I think I watched too many old cowboy shows growing up. In my head they were going to give me a lasso and cowgirl boots and leave me in the wilderness till morning.

Instead, I rode a fat horse around in a circle on a field of dead grass.

Did I mention my fat horse was disorderly? Her hobbies included eating in the middle of the tour and smelling the poop of all the other horses. How typical.

I think the horse knew I was considering a 3 star review because she suddenly started sprinting and I swear to God I almost fell right off the damn horse. Fatty could run! I simply didn’t see that coming. She truly provided the kind of adventure I was seeking.

All in all, it was a great time.

Blaire 🐴💋