Pictures from Costa Rica 🌴

What a magical place. 🌴🌸 wishing I was still there. 



Leaving Costa Rica 🐒🦋

We arrived at the airport to leave. I stood there reminiscing about all the fun I had on this trip. One of my absolute favorite trips. Plus, this airport was nice, it even had air conditioning. The airport was going to be another thing to add to my list of awesome things about Costa Rica. I felt comfortable and super relaxed as I smiled at the memories of two relaxing weeks. 

I felt something crawling on my leg, but I brushed it off. I thought it was probably a fly, maybe a mosquito. I continued to fill out my paperwork for customs while admiring the airport. Then I felt it. There was something crawling up my shorts and it was bigger than a fly or mosquito. 

I panic, of course. It’s me, I panic about everything. So, there I am. I’m in the airport screaming and slapping my own bottom. Then the pain hits. I’m clenching my butt with my hand and yelling “OH MY GOD I AM BEING STUNG”. 

Of course I’m simultaneously showing the entire airport all my goodies. People are speaking to me in Spanish and laughing. Wish i could’ve laughed too but my Spanish isn’t strong enough and my ass was on fire. I simply couldn’t unclench my butt long enough to find anything even a little bit funny.

My butt starts swelling significantly. We cannot get a clear answer from anyone on what stung me because our Spanish was useless in Costa Rica. 

I rubbed some random cream on my butt in front of the whole world and then I boarded the plane to the USA. 

My life has just never been dull. Blaire 👒


Locked out of my house 💅🏼

Today I got locked out of my own house. Ya see, I got excited because I was going to get a pedicure. Naturally, I ran out of the house and didn’t even think twice about the keys needed to drive the car to the nail place. I realize almost immediately what I had done. I sat for a minute on the porch holding my purse and phone and really pondered my options. I could break a window, but that just seemed dramatic. So I decided to search the outside of the house for our old spare key. During this process my feet got covered with mud. Whatever though, needed to get into the house. 

Failed to get into the house. Sat on the porch. Sat on the porch some more. Called my friend and told her to pick me up. She shows up, we drive around. I call my husband and told him to leave work to let me in the house. He does. 

Long story short, we found the keys. They were in the purse I was holding the entire time. 

Typical Blaire, I know. 

Oh, and when I finally got to the nail place, I put my feet into the water and the water turned brown. Darn mud. 


Love you. 

❤️ Blaire