Snow ❄️

Today is snowed. Actual snow.

It was magical.

Snow in early November in the South.

Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come. ❄️💙


Never lose hope

My mom is sick. So sick. She has had multiple heart attacks, heart surgeries, complications–the list goes on and on. To put it lightly, life is sucking.

A few days ago mom was presenting with heart failure symptoms. All I could think of is the negatives. I kept thinking about how all the medical procedures, hospital stays, rehab, etc could have been for nothing if her heart ultimately still fails. All the praying, hoping and wishing.. for nothing.

Today it hit me. It wasn’t for nothing. I got to spend time with her daily while she got better. She may not remember it all, but I do. Those are memories I will always have. She is so special to me and I will continue to stay by her side no matter what comes our way.

Plus, no matter how much WebMD I read, I’m still not a medical doctor. Maybe it’s not heart failure. Maybe it’s something so minor. Who am I to lose hope after we’ve come this far?

I need to take my little ass a chill pill, relax, enjoy my time with my mom, and stop worrying about things that haven’t even happened.

I think I’m acting crazy, per usual.

Love all of you.

Blaire ♥️


Drama drama

Hey crazies,

I’m back. Miss me any? Life is wild guys. SO wild. I’ve got drama, I’ve got tequila, and I’ve got the world’s best friends.

My brother tried to kill my mom. Super nice of him, I know. He went to jail and mom got away from him without injury. My darling brother sat in his jail cell for months and I almost forgot he existed. && that’s about all the good news i have for today. He somehow got out on parole. WHY.

Naturally, I did what any rational person would do and had a few drinks when I got the news. Might as well have a fun drunken night before I’m up to my neck in drama again.

Luckily for me I have the world’s best support system. My friends are perfect. Absolutely, positively perfect.

More of my messy life soon,

Blaire ♥️


My stuffed animals

If you know me at all you know I sleep with a couple stuffed animals. Why? Obvi, I have daddy issues. Obvi.

I have 3 stuffed animals in total. Yes, they have names. Yes, they have feelings. (half kidding)

I fully planned to post their picture up here but then I remembered that y’all would sit there and judge me so I decided against it. Hell, I’d judge me too.

People truly thought I’d ditch my stuffed animals when i got married. Jokes on them. My stuffed animals are kids to me and people don’t just throw away their kids. It’s just not right.

Anyway. That’s that. I’m 28 years old with stuffed animals. Happy Monday.


Blaire 💋


Mega Family Drama, again

Per usual, I’m in family drama up to my ears. My brother got mad at my mom for no reason and decided killing her would be the best solution to his anger. I guess if she’s gone for good, he wouldn’t need to worry about her bothering him anymore.

Luckily for all of us, he was unsuccessful. Likely because he did too many drugs to be able to effectively kill anyone.

Here’s my take on the situation– my brother is crazy and the justice system sucks.

My brother should have been in jail years and years ago. Oh, and guess what? He’s still not in jail. Apparently he will be soon but there’s a process to follow prior to that happening. What bullshit.

My life should be a reality tv show.

Blaire 🐛