Work Retreat

I’m going on a work retreat for 3 nights and I’m sure it’s going to be a picture perfect event. HOWEVER, I DO NOT WANT TO GO.

Call it anxiety, call is craziness, call it whatever you want to call it, I do not like spending the night places. I take that back, I HATE spending the night places. It freaks me out. I’m always wondering if something is going to happen to me. Or, I spend my time worrying that something will happen to someone I love while I’m away. It all around sucks for me to go places overnight.

My exception to this rule is simple– send a trusting male with me and I’ll be okay. I trust exactly 2 males to keep me safe. If they can come, I’m down. Unfortunately, neither work for my company. Ugh. (Daddy issues, I know)

Will I survive this work retreat? Stay tuned.

Blaire ❤️


Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is the best show I’ve ever watched. It’s ridiculous, unlikely and perfect all at the same time.

But do I want another season? I’ve seen the chatter online about the potential of more seasons and I’m just not emotionally ready for all that. What would it even be about? Will they still play their manipulative games as working, filthy rich adults with kids? Not to mention, the plot will be completely different because we know who Gossip Girl is.

Honestly, why add to something already so perfect? That’s it. I’ve decided. Leave Gossip Girl alone.

Going to binge watch perfection,


Blaire ❤️


Will my head explode?

I’m currently on a flight home from the best vacation ever. Yes, i say that after every vacation. So what.

I swam with manatees, drank too much tequila, and had an absolute blast.

HOWEVER, I’m now 2 minutes till plane touchdown and I can’t hear a darn thing. My ears never popped. Will my head explode? Am I deaf now? Can I die from this? Is it cancer? Is god punishing me for downing 4 margaritas and talking to complete strangers like I’ve known them my whole life?

Well, I’ll know soon enough.

Talk loudly if you see me.

Blaire 🐢🍷


Bucket list = manatees

Swimming with manatees has been on my bucket list for awhile now. To say the least, manatees are precious. They look like huge floating potatoes and, honestly, who doesn’t love potatoes?

My husband and I booked a trip to Florida to swim with them in the Crystal River this week. I’m stupidly excited.

Y’all, I’m probably gonna freak out and refuse to jump in the water the second I see one. For now though, my brave pants are on.

Let’s go.

Blaire 🌴🌸


Voting and Anxiety

I have a friend that isn’t registered to vote. Yes, you got that right. She isn’t registered. I thought she was kidding. How can a 27 year old not be registered to vote? Well, she isn’t.

I asked her why. Her response surprised me. She’s not registered to vote because of jury duty. She’s afraid that she’ll have jury duty if she registers. What?! Never thought of it that way.

She told me she has anxiety. Too much anxiety to work jury duty.

Does that make her excused? I’m so conflicted?




Heart surgery

Life is sucking.

My dad had triple bypass surgery. It was supposed to be a 3-6 hour procedure with a few days stay in the hospital after to insure stability. Easy. Nothing too terrible. The internet said his chances of survival were 99%. I wasn’t worried.

You guys, we are on day 11 in the ICU. My dad is on life support. How could this happen? How can life change so quickly?

We are told he could still make a full recovery, but that just doesn’t feel likely.

Live your lives. Take that trip you’ve always wanted to take. Go fishing. Enjoy your life, it’s not promised.

More later,