My stuffed animals

If you know me at all you know I sleep with a couple stuffed animals. Why? Obvi, I have daddy issues. Obvi.

I have 3 stuffed animals in total. Yes, they have names. Yes, they have feelings. (half kidding)

I fully planned to post their picture up here but then I remembered that y’all would sit there and judge me so I decided against it. Hell, I’d judge me too.

People truly thought I’d ditch my stuffed animals when i got married. Jokes on them. My stuffed animals are kids to me and people don’t just throw away their kids. It’s just not right.

Anyway. That’s that. I’m 28 years old with stuffed animals. Happy Monday.


Blaire 💋



I’m currently at the local park and the weather is perfect. This is as close to meditation as I’ll ever be.


Blaire 🐛☀️💛


Mega Family Drama, again

Per usual, I’m in family drama up to my ears. My brother got mad at my mom for no reason and decided killing her would be the best solution to his anger. I guess if she’s gone for good, he wouldn’t need to worry about her bothering him anymore.

Luckily for all of us, he was unsuccessful. Likely because he did too many drugs to be able to effectively kill anyone.

Here’s my take on the situation– my brother is crazy and the justice system sucks.

My brother should have been in jail years and years ago. Oh, and guess what? He’s still not in jail. Apparently he will be soon but there’s a process to follow prior to that happening. What bullshit.

My life should be a reality tv show.

Blaire 🐛


Sneezing problem

I have this sneezing problem. Basically, I sneeze about 20 times in a row. It’s exhausting, it’s powerful, it’s all encompassing, and I kinda like it.

It’s weird, no doubt. People in public often ask me if I’m okay or if I need help. My friends run away the second I start sneezing because it’s very annoying. It’s often quite embarrassing.

But, ya know what, I just don’t hate it.

Love me or don’t,

Blaire ❤️


How to pick a show to fall asleep watching

I hate to sound like an expert, but I truly am an expert at picking the perfect Netflix shows to watch before bed. Call if expertise, call it experience, call it what you want, I am a master.

First and foremost, you must pick a show that is going to end happy. Can’t risk unsettling thoughts before bed, ya just can’t.

Next, I recommend googling the show and reading summaries for every episode. No surprises makes watching Netflix very mundane. A mundane, relaxing show will pull you right into sleep land.

Never pick a show with violence and never, ever pick a suspenseful show. Ain’t no one trying to have anxiety before bed. No one.

Lastly, the cheesier the better. It’s best to watch shows with super predictable plots. And while I’m throwing out great tips, a wholesome story line is gold. You can’t have your mind wondering on ya while you’re trying to catch some z’s.

You guys probably think I’m joking, but I challenge you to try it. I can basically guarantee this sleeping method.

Netflixing now,

Blaire 💤