Summer sunshine ☀️💛

Summer is my favorite. I love the feeling of the sun soaking my skin. I love splashing in the pool & hanging out with friends.

For now, I’ll sit in my office & dream of being at the beach.

Come on weekend. Get here.

Blaire 💋


Work friends


I don’t have work friends. Don’t get me wrong, I talk to people at work. In fact, I’d say I’m super likable at work. The issue is that I like to keep my personal life & work life separate.

I guess it’s because people meet me and assume a lot about me. I’m super optimistic, happy, and ready to take on problems head on. People automatically assume that I had the perfect upbringing and that I live the perfect life. And, honestly, I like them thinking that.

That being said, I met someone at work that I might actually like enough to be a friend with. Haven’t quite decided yet. Y’all know I’m complicated.

Mucho love.

Blaire ❤️☀️