Fighting over turkey. 

Drama always finds a way of showing its face during thanksgiving with my family. No matter how hard my family tries, drama transpires. This year was no exception. 
Due to a series of unfortunate events brought on by utter stupidity, my youngest brother and my father were unable to attend our thanksgiving feast at Golden Corral. I considered not going myself since my family decided not to be bothered with cooking and instead fighting the crowds at the local Golden Corral. But, per usual, I took one for the team and showed up.

Much to my surprise, my family was pleasant. In fact the only negative comment made was from my eldest brother stating that he plans on throwing a party when our mother’s dog dies. Apparently, he secretly hates her dog and felt thanksgiving was an appropriate time to let everyone know. How very logical, thanks for that bro. 

All was going better than planned when we decided to proceed home. I grabbed my little niece, she’s 3, and proceeded to lead the line of family members to the door. 

I’d almost successfully lead the family through the crowds to the door when it happened. A full out fist fight breaks out. Screaming, yelling, and punches being thrown right by the meat carving station. I know turkey is serious, I get that, but fighting in the Golden Corral is a new level of low. The main issue though, stemmed from the crowds of people. We were stuck. Stuck with front row tickets to a brawl we never thought we would be attending. Like I said earlier, drama finds my family on thanksgiving every single solitary year. 

Strictly between us, I’m proud that my family was able to resist the urge to jump into that fight. I’m thankful for that. 

My life has never been dull,