Hello, 2017 💜

I’ve been to loud rowdy clubs, I’ve danced on bars, and I’ve stayed long after last call. But now I’m 26 and I’m starting to get my life together, sorta.

This year I made the super mature decision to have a group of friends over with a variety of liquors that created an awesome night that I’ll never remember. && I’m more than okay with that.

From the comfort of my kitchen table, I was able to consume trashy shots, laugh till my stomach hurt, and enjoy the last bit of 2016 with the best people you’ll ever met.

2017, give me all you’ve got.

Blaire 🌸


I threw myself a pity party.

I threw myself a pity party.

Last week I threw myself a pity party. I spent the entire week feeling sorry for myself. Poor Blaire has a sucky life. Poor Blaire is in a situation where a positive outcome is unlikely. Poor Blaire will have a bad birthday and Christmas. Poor little Blaire.

Today, I woke up. Today, I reality checked myself. Today, I realized that I am the author of my life and my life will have a happy ending despite it all. Sitting here feeling bad for myself sure isn’t helping my situation. In fact, it is making it worse. I don’t need to punish myself for situations beyond my control. I need to continue living a healthy life and worry less. I need to help where I can, but also remember to put myself first.

Yes, I served myself tequila at my pity party. It helped. It always does. 💚

My mind is set on happy,