Be nice to your friends

Last night we went out for one of my best friend’s birthday parties. I couldn’t wait. My friend, Anna, looks forward to her birthday all year & I wanted it to be perfect for her.

Sabrina & I met up with Anna for frozen yogurt before the night’s festivities & I already knew something was up. I can read people well and Anna was being stand-off ish. I told myself that she was probably just sleepy and carried on with preparations for her birthday celebration.

When the three of us met up to get ready, Anna was acting weird again. I tried to ask her what was wrong & she gave me short, rude answers. I sat there racking my brain… what had happened? I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I put on my outfit for the night & that’s when things took a turn for the worse. Anna told me I looked stupid and ugly. She told me that she didn’t know why I’d think it’d be okay to wear the outfit that I always wear. She told me that cotton isn’t fancy enough for her birthday.

Y’all might not find the things she said to be hurtful, but they hit me hard. I went upstairs to “do my hair” and sat in the bathroom with tears in my eyes.

Ya know what– Anna, you’re a cunt. Don’t treat others poorly. Especially people that care about you.

She’s lucky I’m not the violent type. May have slapped her across her damn face.

Secretly, my feelings are still hurt 💔


Blaire 💋


Leave him.

I saw this meme on the internet today and i loved it. It’s 100% accurate. Women do this all the time. They know he hasn’t changed and they still go crawling back. WHY. If there’s any doubt about the man you’re seeing, WALK AWAY. Matter of fact, SPRINT AWAY. Don’t waste your time on a scrub.

I sent this meme to my friend because I thought it would empower her….. instead, she sent me a text back that said, “well, the couple in the photo looks happy.” Y’all, she’s serious.

Can’t teach these women anything.


Blaire 💞☀️


The time I was called a lesbian.

When I was in middle school, I got my first school best friend. She was the best. She was popular, funny, cute, everything i ever imagined a best friend would be.

I was in a challenging time in my life but I knew that when I got to school nothing else mattered because my school best friend would have my back.

One day I walked into math class and one of my peers accused me & school bestie of being lesbians. I was horrified. I didn’t want people thinking that. I didn’t even want to hear the word. At that time, I thought being a lesbian was something you had to be ashamed of. I was mortified.

I cried in my bed at night for weeks following this accusation. Me? A lesbian? Why me? I couldn’t shake it. I hated myself for starting a friendship that would even remotely resemble a lesbian relationship.

Y’all, if I could go back in time, I’d slap that kid across his ugly face for calling me a lesbian. I’d then turn to my school bestie and make-out with her in front of the whole damn class. Being a lesbian is not something to be ashamed of. It’s not something you call someone to make them feel bad. && even though I wasn’t a lesbian, I should never have felt so negatively about being thought of as one. Stupid middle school kids that were mean to me, I’m flicking you off right now. Stop being ignorant and grow the hell up.

Choose love.

Blaire ❤️


New Year Eve Party Anxiety

I’d never tell anyone this, but I get anxious when I think about going to a party without my husband or another trusted male. So weird, I know. My 73 best girl friends can be going to the party, but if my husband or a trusted male isn’t there, I’m still uncomfortable.

No, nothing ever happened. No, I don’t know why. It has just always been this way for me. Daddy issues? Shit, maybe.

I’m currently debating texting one of my trusted male friends to see if he’s going to be at the party. He will absolutely think it’s weird that I’m reaching out to him but I don’t care because it’ll put my mind at ease.

Yes, I get this is ridiculous. I’m a work in progress. Hate it or love it, this is how I act.

I’ve made Jell-O shots and buffalo chicken dip for the party. Let’s face it, i know how to have a great time.

Love me even though I’m crazy?

Blaire ❤️❤️❤️


Hello, 2017 💜

I’ve been to loud rowdy clubs, I’ve danced on bars, and I’ve stayed long after last call. But now I’m 26 and I’m starting to get my life together, sorta.

This year I made the super mature decision to have a group of friends over with a variety of liquors that created an awesome night that I’ll never remember. && I’m more than okay with that.

From the comfort of my kitchen table, I was able to consume trashy shots, laugh till my stomach hurt, and enjoy the last bit of 2016 with the best people you’ll ever met.

2017, give me all you’ve got.

Blaire 🌸


It all started with a margarita


I did something a tad bit strange and spontaneous yesterday– with a margarita in my hand. If you know me, you know that margaritas make me have the best ideas. All great nights start and end with a margarita. Tequila speaks to my soul. In fact, I could arguably say that margaritas could help aid in world peace—but this blog is about yesterday.

Yesterday, my two friends and I went to Chili’s for margaritas. We sat in the bar area and wasted no time in placing our order for blackberry margaritas. I had one tiny sip and I already knew that the night had potential. I’ve got to give it to the bar tender, Stephen, he knew how to add mostly tequila with just a splash of blackberry. I was in paradise.

Now, paradise is a place where my great ideas flourish. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when I had one of my best ideas yet. Ya see, my friend has recently started online dating
. Being a supportive, overbearing friend, I tend to seek/demand every itty, bitty detail of her quests online. The issue being, she’s a super secretive person. Well, it hit me as I sipped margarita number two; I could just attend her blind date. I simply needed her to agree—that’s where margarita number 3 came in.

I carefully, very carefully, slipped the idea into conversation as she took a large gulp of what likely tasted like pure tequila. She coughed a little and looked at me like I was the craziest person alive. My other friend quickly chimed in that the idea was flawless. I continuously nodded my head in approval of my own idea. And somehow, someway, margarita number 3 had her hesitantly agreeing.

It took a lot out of me to pretend I was chill when she agreed. Ingreen-heartside, I was doing cartwheels. This was going to be the best.

My friend walked outside and sat in my car so it would seem like she had just arrived. Her date walks in wearing a flannel shirt, just like the flannel shirt my friend was wearing. Talk about coincidence. I heard wedding bells.

The hostess approached them as I pretended to be super interested in the last drop of tequila remaining in my glass. Unfortunately for me though, the hostess sat them at a table that might as well have been in another state. I could barely see them, let alone make out any inkling of conversation. How anticlimactic.

Until my next great idea,