Marry Me.

I’m currently obsessed with Thomas Rhett’s song “Mary Me.” The first time I heard it, i almost cut it off. Who wants to listen to a song about the perfect dream wedding? Not me. Barf.

As I reached to change the radio station, I heard the line “but she don’t wanna marry me” and I feel right in love.

The song plays on the fear of so many of us– the love of your life marrying someone else. I lived for years with this exact fear. I feared I’d end up alone & my ex would live happily ever after married to Mrs. Right.

I encourage you to get on YouTube & listen to the song. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Oh, and for the record, I didn’t end up alone or with my ex. In fact, I found Mr. Right & my ex is looking like he’ll be alone for the rest of his life. & trust me, he deserves it.

I have “Marry Me” on repeat.



Ladies, stand up for yourselves.

Last night I watched one of my friends cry hysterically over her husband. He has moved out of her house and has stopped taking her calls and doesn’t hang out with her. She hangs on to the thought of getting back together because every so often he says he “loves” her.

I can understand being upset. The situation sounds terrible. Here’s what I don’t understand— I don’t understand why other women at the party told her that it’s okay that her husband treats her this way.

Ladies, it’s not okay. Stand up for yourselves. Don’t be pathetic. You do not need a man.

Y’all got me rowdy already this morning thinking about this nonsense.

Ladies, learn to love yourself.

Blaire ⭐️


My birthday is coming soon.

Y’all, why do I dread my birthday every year? I dread it because I worry about others too much. What if they don’t like the restaurant? What if they are busy that day? What if they don’t want to come?

I also dread that my family is gonna forget again and then I’ll wait around for them to remember. I could just remind them ahead of time, but then I feel a tad on the pathetic side.

No worries though. Mexican food and a jumbo margarita will cure every last one of these wild thoughts.

Maybe an extra shot too.

Blaire 💞


King-Sized Bed💞

The other day my husband and I took the ultimate plunge. We bought a king-sized bed. Honestly, it was the best thing I’ve done all year.

It’s beautiful, wonderful, out-of-this-world liberating to have a king-sized bed.

Yesterday, I️ literally thought my husband left the bed. The bed is so big that I legit lost him. I jumped up because I was startled he had left. When I went to get up, I found him sound asleep.

Y’all, go get a king-sized bed.

I’ll be in dreamland,

Blaire ❤️


Nervous Talking 🙃

Guys, I have a problem. Whenever I get nervous I start talking, a lot. SO much talking. I’ll just go on and on and on about everything & nothing at the same time. 

I also have an issue with getting hyper. It’s like the longer I speak, the more hyper I get. Whenever I meet new people they always comment on my energy and positivity. If only they knew that I wish I could just quietly say “nice to meet you, I’m Blaire” and have a normal, short convo. Instead, I find myself hyperly reviewing my entire life story.

Thinking calm thoughts, 

Blaire 🎀💗