My crazy little family 

Want to meet a bunch of crazy people? Come to my family’s Christmas party. I’m quite certain that crazy runs in the family. Growing up I had no idea how crazy my family really was. It wasn’t till college when I realized that they were all nuts. 
My youngest brother is a paranoid schizophrenic with a drug addiction. My oldest brother has a baby mama that is likely a stripper and a series of hardcore partying habits that he can’t kick. My mom likes to play a nice Christian woman by pleading ignorance to everything happening around her. She will be the first to play stupid when my brother is cracked out and the last to admit that a problem exists. And my father, bless his heart, is off his rocker completely. And then there’s me. I’ve never committed a felony and I don’t like driving on the interstate. I like following the rules and I spend more time than I should praying that I was switched at birth. 

This year for Christmas, I want my family to wake up. I want them to see that the way they are living isn’t right. I want them to know that happiness is out there and is obtainable. I want them to find it within themselves to be better. 

Pull it together guys, please.



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