I’m done with cooking, again. 

I don’t cook, ever. But for some crazy reason today I felt that maybe I should. So, I decided to start with a Pasta Side. If you are familiar, you know that they are easy to cook… or so I’ve heard. I thought by starting with something simple I would gain confidence and be able to start cooking daily. 
I read the instructions three times. Then I started the process. I put milk, water, and butter in a oven-safe pot and waited for it to come to a boil. While I was waiting, I turned on Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a little behind on Grey’s Anatomy so I am still enjoying Derek and Meredith’s love affair. Thank God Derek is still alive in the season I am on. I think I will lose part of myself when he dies. Anyways, I got caught up in watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Naturally, I get on Snapchat to snap about how much I love Grey’s Anatomy, when I hear a noise from the kitchen that simply doesn’t sound good. I run into the kitchen and the pot has boiled everywhere. It could’ve just been my eyesight but I swear I saw a flame. 

I am done with cooking, again. 

This kitchen isn’t going to clean itself, 



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