I’m proud to be an American. πŸ’™

I knew a few things about this election from the start. I knew Clinton or Trump would win. That I knew for sure. And, as a living, breathing human, I also knew that they both had their faults. In fact, my fingers would fall off right now if I attempted to write even half the things that they have each done/said that were cruel or hateful. And let’s be honest, my fingers are just not ready for that. 
But what I didn’t see coming was the aftermath. I didn’t foresee any backlash. I didn’t foresee protests or riots. I didn’t foresee people judging others over who they voted for. I didn’t foresee my best friend betraying me, over a vote he assumed I placed. These things, I didn’t even recognize as possible. 

We are the United States of America. The greatest Nation in the entire world. We are known far and wide for being the land of the free. So many countries envy us simply for our ability to vote for a our nation’s leader. Take a step back and look at ourselves right now. Take it in. Look at how we must look to other countries. We need to lick our wounds and rise as the most powerful, united Nation in the world. I’m passionate about America and you should be too. 

Shit, we could even make America great again.

You guys make me crazy, 



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