Here comes the holidays. 

The holidays are approaching– barf. Maybe I’m a shithead, maybe I’m ungrateful, call me what you will, but I’m just not in the holiday mood.
I think it’s because I’m an avoider. I’d rather avoid my family then sit down and talk to them about the dumb shit they’ve done and the negative impact it has had on my seemingly perfect life.

Ya see, before college I saw the world differently. I didn’t realize that there was a life outside of the small town I grew up in. I didn’t realize that I was in control of my own life. I didn’t even realize that I’m obsessed with chocolate covered everything and drinking tequila at Mexican restaurants. I simply didn’t know.

It’s hard to go back and play pretend. It’s hard to not drink a margarita or two before showing up to a family event. It’s hard to act in a particular manner in an effort to portray the God loving, Christian woman that my parents adore. It’s hard. But like the good girl I’ve always been, I’ll play pretend on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, my ratchet ass family decided that they weren’t up for cooking two meals so we would be spending Thanksgiving at the local Golden Corral. When I sat back and asked what two meals they were speaking of, they responded “Thanksgiving & Christmas.” It seems a month isn’t enough time for them to recover from cooking a meal. You’ve got me on what makes cooking so damn stressful. But, like the good, pleasant Christian I strive to be, I told them I couldn’t wait. It isn’t like we haven’t been to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving before. I guess it is a step up from the Chinese food we ordered a few years back. We will be together though, so I guess that makes this okay. Plus, Golden Corral has unlimited ice cream and rainbow sprinkles. So, there’s that.

You’ll hear from me soon enough,



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